Thursday, November 1, 2012

July 4th 2012

We had a blast on the fourth. Dan and Staci were in town and Russ and Laura were getting ready to move to Dallas so we spent a lot of time together this week! We started the day off with the West Point parade. Great small town parade with so much candy that my kids stopped picking it up and just stared at it falling on the ground. Sure beats the Kaysville parade these days:( next we had a water/hangout day at my folks and ended it with a BBQ at the Done's. We didn't want to stay for the fireworks so we headed home early. We saw plenty of fireworks on the way home to keep the kids happy:)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Potty Words

Me:  "Oh Pickle!!!"  when I hurt my finger.
Jack:  "Why did you say Pickle?"
Me:  "Just so I wouldn't say a bad word."

Ben, not even knowing he was paying attention.  "Bad words like  butt, toilet, fart face, pee, poo, stupid, shut up, toot.  Is toot a bad word Mommy?  Butt head and dumb!"  The kid will find any excuse to say potty words:)  Jack never knew these words at 3 years old!  Love this kid, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried to send him to preschool.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Lately

 First of many, many smiles.
 Love this picture.  He has Jack's nose, Ben's eyes and Lily's mouth.  He's definitely one of ours:)  The other day Jack said, "What do you get when you mix my awesomeness, Lily's cuteness and Ben's ummm....awesomeness too?  Sam!"
 Ben can't hold Sam enough.  He loves to help me bathe him and get him dressed every night.  He drags his potty stool in and watches.
 My three cute boys!
 We had quite the fire out our back door.  The boys loved to watch the airplanes drop water. 
 This picture describes Lily.  She always has stuffed animals and her sunglasses.  She brings lots of various things to dinner and stuffs them down the side till she is done.

Life is CRAZY, but good!

Lillian Is 2!

 On May 29th Lily turned 2.  Seriously my little Lily is 2?!  This girl has spunk!  She is All girl but can wrestle like a boy.  She thinks she is the boss of everything.  She loves to be dressed in pretty things and if I don't put her in the outfit she has in mind she will just put her choice on top.  She has to have a bow (or two or three or four....) in her hair at all times.  She loves to wear my jewelry and her sunglasses, especially to church!  She loves to dance and "shake it".  She loves to play in her crib, which looks like one of those claw machines at the store with all the stuffed animals in it.  She loves to take care of her babies.  She loves her nails painted.  She loves to wear 3 or more skirts at a time.  She calls anything girly "pretties".  She loves her nursery teacher, Sister Slade.  She loves her brothers.  She is LOUD!!!  She is a good sleeper.  (she should be, she never slows down).  She is busy, busy, busy!  She loves her daddy, "Daaaaaaaad!" and her mommy, "Maaaaaaaaa!"  She loves to play with my hair.  She is FUNny!  This little angel adds so much life to our crazy family.  She fits right in with her brothers.  I can clean and clean and clean and she undoes everything!  She is really good at helping clean up.  She loves to brush her teeth as long as it is on her terms.I'm so blessed to have this Daughter of God in my life.  Having her is such a blessing.  I can't wait to see the amazing things she will accomplish in her life.  Look out world!
 My mom gave me this little bed when I was younger.  It's been in the family for a long time and it's really old.  My parents fixed it up for her and brought it for her birthday.  She LOVES it.  She tries to sleep in it all the time, and I love to see the various things she puts to sleep in it.

 We got her this kitchen.  Isn't it cute?!  We needed to add some girl toys to all this boy stuff.
 I wish you could see her face in this picture.  She was so excited!

 She loved the phone.  What girl doesn't?  I was actually surprised she recognized it as a phone;)

 The boys loved it just as much as she did.
 Waiting for cake.
 I Love is little girl!
 She does not like candles.
 We had a small party with grandparents and she hid her eyes again with the candles.
 She knew exactly what to do with the presents.
 Grandma and Grandpa Anderson gave her this little chef outfit.  She is in love with it!
 She wouldn't take it off!
I'm so grateful for my little Lillian Grace.  We have so much fun!  Happy Birthday Lily!

First Day Home

 From the second we walked in the door this is where Lily stayed.  She kept yelling "Bey, Bey!"
 She quickly got her doll and put them together.
 I have found this a lot lately.  I keep finding her doll all bundled up and in his car seat.  She is such a little mom.
 They didn't leave his side.  Jack was explaining to them how tiny Sam is and that he will soon be big enough to wrestle with.       
 They were so happy to be home, and finally have their baby brother here.  We had talked about him for so long.  It was so great to all be under one roof again.
 Jack is always checking on him and talking to him.  He loves to hold him like a grown-up does. 
 Ben checking on "little baby sammy!"

 They always fight over who gets to hold him first.
 Putting the binky in his mouth is a favorite!
Cute, happy and proud older brother.  It was a long day, but a happy one.  It's never easy to come home, take care of a new baby, take care of 3 other kids and recover from major surgery.  It sure is worth it though:)