Monday, July 18, 2011

The 4th 2011

Ben and Mommy. He had kind of a hard day. He ended up getting pneumonia a few days later:(

My sweet faced little girl.

She loved the ice cream......

and you better believe Grandpa gave her a lot of it!

Lily loves her grandpa:)

Jack enjoying some ice cream.

Hahaha! Kirsten (baby boy that she loves (hearts!)) and Brendan.

Lily and gorgeous Ashton. I'm so glad Lily has such great girl cousins that are the best examples.

Ben sat on the table the whole time he ate his ice cream, and of course Grandma let him, he's Ben:)

Grandma Elggren and Benner. He was having a tough day:(

Daddy and Lily. So very cute!

It's not the 4th without the slip'n'slide. Jack would just run down it instead of sliding. I thought that was more scary.

Jack getting a good run in before the slide/run.

Lily walking around with Brennan after the parade.

She loves her cousin Brennan.

My kids at the Kaysville parade. It was so hot, before the rain, they just wanted to go home.Benner ALWAYS has his sunglasses on. Inside or out!

Ben and Lil at the parade.

My little family before the festivities began.

Our attempt at getting a cute pic of all three of them. They looked so gosh darn cute:)

We came down the day before for our nieces blessing. Lily at Grandma Done's in the doll stroller.

Grandma Done always has something fun up her sleeve. Madison, Ben and Jack. Cute little pirates.

My handsome, not so little, Jack.

The Saturday before the 4th we did fireworks outside with some neighbors. Ben on his Big Wheel.

Ben, Jack, Will, Aubrey and Brock. We love these friends.

Ben just looking cute. Don't mind the outfit, this is what he loves to wear to bed.

Ben running away from the sparklers. In th end he did hold some and loved it. His favorite were the pops.

Jack with a sparkler. We had a wonderful 4th. I love this holiday. There is so much to do and we are very tired by the end, but we have a lot of fun. We (I) start the day off with the k-town 5k then we are off to the parade followed by a swim day at Elggren's. We end the day with a bbq at the Done's and then off to the fireworks in K-town. I'm am so grateful for this country and the amazing people who fight so hard to defend it. What a blessing our Father in Heaven has given us!


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

What a cute post! I LOVE the 4th too! It was really weird to be out-of-town for it this year. We had to adjust a bit ... but it was fun. Your little family is so cute! And if I ever see Brendan making a heart on his stomach again ...

Matt and Kirsten said...

some seriously cute pictures of your kids. Jack is just a good looking boy! happy 4th!

Dan & Staci said...

What a great Fourth of July! Looks like everyone had the best time!

Brad & Janette Bowen said...

I seriously can't believe how grown up Jack is!!! Your fam is so cute, I can't wait to see you next time you are in K-town!

Brad & Janette Bowen said...
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April Annie said...

I remember as a kid how scared I was of holding sparklers. Good job Jack!
I'm glad Benner's is feeling better & you too.