Monday, May 14, 2012

Elggren Easter Egg Hunt

 Elggren Cousins  Top:Cam, Mckay, Cooper, Brennan, Mason, Abbie, Brigs, Ashton, Lily
Bottom: Tyson, Carter, Madden, Mia, Jack, Ben and Landon.

 Why not put the bucket on your face?
 Lily got a little impatient and just decided to leave this picture,
 and dance and smile on the driveway:)
 "Ben get that Reeses."  "This one? But I already have one."
 Jack got quite the load.
 After Lily found chocolate she just wanted to eat every piece she could find.
Mason found the penny and gave it to Ben.  This was his prize.  We love being with family and having such a great time.

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