Thursday, January 26, 2012

Halloween 2011

Lily was a rag doll and it was the stinkin-cutest costume EVER!

Buzz, Doll and Commander Cody ready to go trick-o-treating.

As cute as can be!

You can never have too many pictures of this girl in this costume. She loved it and kept her hat on for over 2 hours. I didn't let her go trick-or-treating so she helped me answer the door with me. Even the (way too old) teenage boys commented on how she was the cutest thing they had ever seen:)

"Ben Lightyear to the rescue!" He LOVED Halloween this year. He couldn't believe that people just gave you candy. I let them just eat their candy as much as they want. That way it's gone with in a few days and I don't have to worry about it. Ben had his gone the quickest! He flew around the house for a few weeks before and after the holiday:)

My little Commander Cody (Star Wars). He was all about teaching Ben how to trick-or-treat. He is now too old to steal candy from. He has it all counted and knows to only give away the not-so-good stuff:)

This is what Lily did both nights of making goo and painting pumpkins.

We made "GOO" one night while Brendan was at meetings. Jack loved it. Ben wouldn't touch it, and it made Lily cry.

Painting pumpkins. This is much cleaner than carving and my kids like it a lot more:)

Jack painting his pumpkin.

I'm not really sure what this face is, but it's funny! (Ben, not the pumpkin:) We had a great Halloween filled with family parties and morning (all day) sickness, but it sure was fun!


Matt and Kirsten said...

such sweet posts! you will never regret your time that you put into this blog. Its awesome to see your boys and little girl grow! I love them!

Melissa said...

I was worried it might be too lame to do a Halloween post this late, but I think you may have inspired me. :) I'll think about it. Those pictures are so cute! Love you guys.