Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jack is 7!

Jack's 7 year old birthday party! It was Star Wars themed. They all had to become true jedi's to earn their rewards. Lots of fun really well behaved boys.

Ben and Jack in their Star War's costumes before the party. Cute little boys!

R2-D2 cake for Jack. It turned out pretty cute. (At least they could all tell what it was;)

Blowing out the candles.

They all had to fight Darth Vadar to become a "True Jedi".

On September 24th my little Jack turned 7.....yes, 7! He is so grown up. What a delight he is in our lives. I can still remember the little boy that was always at my side. The older he gets the more independent he gets and it kind of makes me sad. He doesn't really need me to read to him anymore and he is old enough to go to school all day and not really miss me:( I love/hate watching him make his own decisions and go off on his own. He really is the best big brother. Now, don't get me wrong. He fights plenty with his siblings, but He also takes the best care of them. I love watching him through the window when Ben is playing with him and his friends outside. Jack takes such good care of him and stands up for him all the time. He loves to read and reads everything he can get his eyes on. He loves to read to Ben and Lily and they love it too. He often comes into me and asks me if there is anything he can help me with. Every morning he comes into my room and we have the best little talks about his dreams and what he is excited about that day. Every day he brings up how excited he is about the new baby. (He loves babies) I know when I send him to someone's house he is going to be good. We just had a scripture challenge with our ward and he worked hard on it everyday. I love this little one to bits and I can't wait to watch him grow into a young man......but not too fast:)


Jobi Niu said...

I'm loving your blog updates!! :) I need to get on it huh? What a fun party. Jack is so dang handsome and such a good big brother :)

April Annie said...

Love that kid too!!! What a sweet post. I'm having a hard time thinking you're just months away from his baptism. He's such a great kid!!!!!!!

Dan & Staci said...

What sweet boys you have with great personalities! I loved the pictures from the parties you posted. It is so good to see them and also see how big they are! Miss you guys!

Cheryl said...

He is such a good kid! I love having him in my primary class this year. And I love watching him play basketball. Conner was so excited when he found out he was on his team!!